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Monks are versatile warriors skilled at fighting without weapons or armor. Good-aligned monks serve as protectors of the people, while evil monks make ideal spies and assassins. Though they don't cast spells, monks channel a subtle energy, called ki. This energy allows them to perform amazing feats, such as healing themselves, catching arrows in flight, and dodging blows with lightning speed. Their mundane and ki-based abilities grow with experience, granting them more power over themselves and their environment. Monks suffer unique penalties to their abilities if they wear armor, as doing so violates their rigid oath. A monk wearing armor loses their Wisdom and level based armor class bonuses, their movement speed, and their additional unarmed attacks per round.

There is no other class that is given quite as many strange and unique abilities as the Monk. To be able to use unarmed attacks that cause as much damage in combat as a trained fighter with a magic weapon is an astonishing feat and thus, the Monk is rare and special individual. The Monk's special abilities are mostly based on the prevention of damage; the best saving throws in the game, additional natural armor class through keen awareness of surroundings (Wis) and ever increasing layers of resistances to poisons, aging, mental attacks and so on. The Monk training is so particular and rigorous that, once you leave the class and multiclass to another class, you cannot ever take up the Monk's path again.

  • Alignment Restrictions: Any lawful
  • Hit Die: d8
  • Proficiencies: Proficient with monk weapons, as well as shields and light and medium armors
  • Skill Points (x4 at 1st level): 4 + Int Modifier

The Monk's skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:

  • Concentration (Con)
  • Heal (Wis)
  • Hide (Dex)
  • Listen (Wis)
  • Lore (Int)
  • Move Silently (Dex)
  • Parry (Dex)
  • Persuade (Cha)

Class Packages

Default Monk:
Most monks follow this tradition of simple virtue and martial artistry.

Monk, Spirit Warrior:
Although the spirit warrior is trained in the classical monk tradition, he also demonstrates talent with the bow and arrow.

Monk, Gifted:
The gifted monks are members of a humble tradition that trains them in the use of the kama, a simple weapon used to devastating effect by these masters.

Monk, Devout:
Devout monks are often seen touring the countryside with a quarterstaff, hammering their beliefs into anyone foolish enough not to run.

Monk, Peasant:
Peasant monks walk alongside the common people as one of them. A peasant monk's skill with the kama and shuriken is kept well-hidden until needed.

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Bard Fighter Ranger Wizard
Cleric Monk Rogue