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Barbarians are brave, even reckless, and their warrior skills make them well suited to adventure. Instead of training and discipline, barbarians have a powerful rage that makes them stronger, tougher, and better able to withstand attacks. They only have the energy for a few such displays per day, but it is usually sufficient. Constant exposure to danger has also given barbarians a sort of "sixth sense", the preternatural ability to sense danger and dodge attacks, and their running stamina is legendary.

With their toughness and fighting ability they are the shock troops of the D&D world. People picture the typical Barbarian as the huge Viking type from somewhere to the 'North'. Keep in mind that this does not have to be the only example of a Barbarian. They have this stunning ability to Rage in combat which makes them stronger and tougher, becoming a tornado of destruction- what other examples of characters would have this frightening ability? A barroom brawler? A crazy street lunatic? A daring rich duelist bent on revenge? Consider different possibilities for the Barbarian. While they are detailed in the Players Handbook as the typical example of wandering Norsemen-type, you do not have to be that when creating your character.

  • Alignment Restrictions: Any non-lawful
  • Hit Die: d12
  • Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields
  • Skill Points (x4 at 1st level): 4 + Int Modifier
  • Ex-Barbarians: Barbarians are unable to progress in levels if their alignment ever becomes lawful.

The Barbarian's skills (and the key ability for each skill) are:

  • Discipline (Str)
  • Heal (Wis)
  • Listen (Wis)
  • Lore (Int)
  • Parry (Dex)
  • Taunt (Cha)

Class Packages

Default Barbarian:
With a feat selection centered on melee combat with a greataxe, this is the perfect package for a combat-oriented adventurer.

Brute Barbarian:
With his axe and unsurpassed Strength, this barbarian package is the archetypal killing machine in close combat.

Slayer Barbarian:
Many barbarians are mistrustful of spellcasters, but a character with this package goes out of his way to find and engage them. He uses a sling to disrupt their spells from a distance, before closing to sword range and finishing them off.

Savage Barbarian:
The savagery of this package is remarkable even among barbarians, and he prefers to use his bare hands in melee instead of resorting to a weakling's weapons.

Orcblood Barbarian:
As the name suggests, most barbarians who take the orcblood package are of half-orc lineage.

Barbarian Druid Paladin Sorcerer
Bard Fighter Ranger Wizard
Cleric Monk Rogue