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 Properties that can be assigned to items

The abilities that can be assigned to objects varies according to the type of object. The current abilities that can be assigned to items are the following:

- ability bonuses
- AC bonuses (optionally vs. Alignment, Race or Damage Type)
- attack bonuses (optionally vs. Alignment or Race)
- base item weight reduction
- bonus feats
- bonus spell slots
- cast spell
- damage bonuses (optionally vs. Alignment or Race)
- damage reduction
- damage resistance
- damage vulnerability
- darkvision
- decreased ability scores
- decreased AC
- decreased attack modifier
- decreased damage
- decreased saves (optionally vs. specific)
- decreased skill modifier
- decreased attack modifier
- enhanced container: reduced weight
- enhancement bonus (optionally vs. Alignment or Race)
- extra melee damage type
- freedom of movement
- haste
- Holy Avenger
- immunities (vs dmg type, misc, spells by level/school/specific)
- improved evasion
- keen
- light
- massive criticals
- no combat damage
- on hit (wide selection of stuff... won't even get into)
- regeneration (optionally vampiric)
- save bonus (optionally vs. specific)
- skill bonus
- spell resistance (SR)
- true seeing
- use limitation (vs. Class, Race, Alignment Group or Specific Alignment)

This list is by no means final and represents only what I saw when I hopped over to the item editor a few moments ago. Some of these may not be included in the final release and some things may be yet to come. It's quite a large list, though, and lots of these abilities may be further edited for variation once they are applied to the item.