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[Friday, May 24th] Jeremy Soule Soundtrack clip

If you haven't done so already, head on over to Neverwinter Vault and grab the Neverwinter Nights Soundtrack clip by Jeremy Soule:,29687,

[Friday, May 24th] Parry: It's not all it's cracked up to be.

There has been a lot of bickering (with yours truly swearing at a lot of people) about the parry skill. People are complaining that it is overpowered, and is not a part of the 3rd Edition D&D rules. Because NWN is not a 3E conversion, and because parry seems more UNDERpowered than overpowered, Nathan Frederick (Quality Assurance, Bioware) posted this sticky thread. Head over to see for yourself how exactly parry works and to get Nathan to test situations for you to prove it is not overpowered.

[Thursday, May 23rd] More on Polyhedral's Kobold model.

Looks great doesn't it. Work goes on, but this is the latest model. All nicely textured now, thanks again to Polyhedral. Check up on the Kobold's progress here.

[Thursday, May 23rd] Wizard Class Analysis by ShadeRaven!

Well, ShadeRaven has now completed the set, go here to collect the final analysis in the series!

[Thursday, May 23rd] It's Neverwinter Wednesday (OK, so it's Thursday where I am)

Get the new models! New Model Viewer Models Released!
Several new models can be found for download in the Model Viewer section, including the ever-so-cuddly Ettercap! Once you have the models, you can discuss them in the forums!

Neverwinter Nights Teaser Movie!
This teaser reveals many of the awesome spells, terrible foes and amazing environments you will encounter in your journeys through Neverwinter. It also provides glimpses of the Aurora Toolset building a town and customizing armour. Go to Neverwinter Nights Stratics to Download Teaser Movie, and then discuss it in the forums.

[Wednesday, May 22nd] NW404 Wednesday!

Well, because us Aussies have to wait until Thursday for NWW, we're going to have NW404 Wednesdays. Yay for you. This week we have something damn interesting, Polyhedral's Kobold model (below), and the *.2da files from Neverwinter Nights. These files are simple text files (open them in wordpad, not notepad) that contain almost all of the game's rules. Download them here.

[Wednesday, May 22nd] Custom Model: Kobold by Polyhedral!

Polyhedral has been working for a couple of days on a Kobold model for Neverwinter Nights. Bioware neglected to give us one you see. Polyhedral (or "Poly" as he is affectionately known) has made an absolutely beautiful Kobold model for us. He's still working on it, so head to this thread and give him your feedback. There's also a movie of the Kobold's movement (first draft) available. The link is in this thread. Thanks Poly!

[Wednesday, May 22nd] Update on that huge flaw in Item value calculations

Torias had this to say on the boards today (about 10 minutes ago):

I sent to message to Don Moar about it. He thanked me and said he was going to sit down with a designer and fix it up.

Great stuff Torias. For those that are slower than your average bear, read this thread.

[Wednesday, May 22nd] End User License Agreement

There has been some concern over the weekend surrounding the End User License Agreement (EULA) that was included with the Beta Aurora Toolset, which are summed up by this post on slashdot. Here is an excerpt:
Careful review of the EULA of the Neverwinter Nights Beta Toolset reveals the following clause:

Section 4(b):

"By distributing or permitting the distribution of any of your Modules, you hereby grant back to INFOGRAMES and BIOWARE an irrevocable royalty-free right to use and distribute them by any means. Infogrames or BIOWARE may at any time and in its sole discretion revoke your right to make your Modules publicly available."

This is more or less the same as if a company producing a compiler wrote into the EULA that by distributing any program compiled with that compiler, the company would permanently get the rights to do whatever they wanted with that program, including reselling it for profit and then forbidding you to publish it yourself.

Derek French, the Assistant Producer for Bioware, confirmed that this section of the EULA is not going to change for the final release. Although he noted in the same message that similar clauses have been used by other companies providing tools for users to create their own content, NWN has a much greater scope than any of them by far, and it's now a profoundly bad idea for someone who wants to keep control of their writing, characters, or game ideas , or use those elements elsewhere, to make a NWN module using those elements publically available.
Derek French posted his reply on slashdot, defending the existing EULA:
Hi all. I just wanted to jump in here and try and clear up some of the confusion.

First, read your EULAs for Quake 3, Half-Life, StarCraft, etc. (other games that allow you to create content). All of them say the same thing that we are saying. Our EULA is nothing new. They must be written this way to protect both the companies involved and the end users. I am serious. Read the EULAs of those other games.

Every time a new game comes out, someone actually reads the EULA and the spectres of corporate exploitation rears its head. Its just not happening. id, Blizzard, Valve, none of these companies have ripped off their fans. Why? Because its suicide. And we aren't doing it either.
Derek made a further post on the subject on the official boards, stating that they will be looking into the fans' concerns:
We have been in contact with Infogrames and the concerns over the wording of the EULA, by the fans, has been duly noted.

The legal beagles will be taking another look at this issue and we should have more information for you in a few days (Monday is a holiday up here).

Until that time, we won't have any further comment on the EULA until a more official statement can be made.

[Tuesday, May 21st] HUGE problem with item creation!

It seems during design, Bioware underestimated the fiendishness of human behaviour. Torias has uncovered a massive flaw in how item values are calculated. Bioware are yet to answer, but hopefully this flaw in design will be fixed. NOTE: It's NOT a bug, it's a design flaw, we are not ones to report bugs on the front page. Head to this thread to read more about this problem.

[Tuesday, May 21st] Big Site update

Our spells section has been updated to include full spell descriptions. Organised by class and level, check it all out here.

We have updated the Classes section, each one now has a link to their spell list/descriptions.

The Ranger description has been fixed. He actually gets his Animal companion at level 6.

[Tuesday, May 21st] Bastard Sword not screwed!

Some people were alarmed when they saw that the Bastard Sword is screwed in the toolset (ie: it's a 2-Handed only weapon). This WAS changed, but not until AFTER the Beta toolset was put together. So don't panic guys. This has been said already, but some people appear to have missed it. Stop emailing us and complaining!

[Tuesday, May 21st] Update on Item level restrictions

After the eruption about this on the Bioware boards, Jay has posted a sticky thread asking what people want, here's the post:

I sense some issues regarding this level restrictions on items and so on?

Right now the system is set-up so that the level item restriction stuff is part of the Enforced Legal Character (ELC) setting on a server. The ELC is a watchdog setting that checks to make sure a character is legal according to the character creation rules ( i.e. a 1st level character does not have 20 feats). The level item restrictions are a separate system continually used within the game of not allowing a character to equip items that are too powerful for that character's level (i.e. a first level character would not be able to equip a +5 Holy Avenger). These items can be seen and part of your inventory but cannot be equipped for use.

Several people are unhappy with this and so the other option is to have two separate settings on a server:

1. ELC- on/off
2. Enforce level item restrictions- on/off

Which would give you choice on what restrictions you wanted to apply to your server.

Which way do you want it; all under ELC or separate?

Head over to this thread to voice your opinon.

[Tuesday, May 21st] E3 Pictures

BioWare has arrived at E3 in L.A. Details here.