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[Sunday, May 19th] Beta Toolset Unofficial FAQ.

BioWare Moderator, Urthpaw has posted an unofficial toolset FAQ, which have been grafted together, and organized by Whoop, and contributed by quite a few different people according to Urthpaw. Here are the list of questions answered with the answers on that page having a note whether they have been confirmed or not.

1. Enviromental Transitions
A. How do I make a waterfall?
B. How do I make a path into the 'Trees'?
C. How do I make a bridge over a stream connect with the road?
D. Is there a tile for laying the the floor of a building in the rural tileset?
E. How do I make a bridge over a stream connect with the road?

2. Item placement
A. How do I lay down multiple items of the same type?
B. How do I rotate tiles, features, and groups?
C. How do I rotate in-game objects, monsters, items and placeables?
D. Is there are way to raise the vertical position of an object (like a sword) so that it looks like it is floating?

3. Lighting
A. How do I add additional light sources?

4. Items Manipulation
A. How do you make a weapon flaming?
B. How do you make helms and shields?
C. Only three weapon colors?

5. Triggers
A. How do you create a trigger?

6. Camera Controls
A. How do I rotate the camera?

7. Transitions
A. Transition Clarifications?
B. Transitions & Waypoints?

8. Scripts
A. How do you make a npc 'roam' a certain path?

9. Other
A. Deleting Terrain in the crypt tile set?
B. Will we have circular rooms?
C. How do I remove the random (rocks/trees) from the base tiles?
D. How do I make secret Doors?

[Sunday, May 19th] Beta Toolset Feedback

In the wake of Friday's release of the Beta Toolset, many people are seeing the brilliance of this toolset:

[Sunday, May 19th] Rogue and Sorcerer Class Analysis by ShadeRaven

ShadeRaven has completed two more of his class analysis'. The Rogue is up at Neverwinter Vault, while he posted the Sorcerer on the Neverwinter Nights forums. Definitely worth checking it out.

[Friday, May 17th] Neverwinter Nights Community Site OPEN!

The Neverwinter Nights Community Site has opened! The Neverwinter Nights forums have been moved from BioWare's main forums site to this new server, adding to it a plethora of new stuff. Here is the official announcement:
Welcome to BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights Community Site!

The staff of BioWare welcomes you to the official community site for their massive role-playing game Neverwinter Nights (NWN). This site is designed to offer a wealth of information about NWN and the many aspects of the game including the Official Campaign, the Dungeon Master’s Client and the Aurora Toolset. Our Web Developers, Robin and Dups, have created a spectacular place for fans to gather and learn more about BioWare's games.

Some of the main features of the site include the NWN forums where enthusiastic discussion is happening right now on a huge number of topics about specific parts of the game. As well, the Messaging feature will help you get in contact and stay in contact with other NWN fans. Finally, a whole bucket of fantastic content For Players, For DMs, and For Builders.

I also promise to include more of the following essential comedy elements in upcoming editorials: monkeys, monkeys with funny hats, weasels, angry pigs, detonating kidneys, space aliens, the phrase ‘upside yo head’ and, of course, the ring-tailed Lemur.

We invite you to discover the endless adventure of Neverwinter Nights…

Jay Watamaniuk
Community Manager

[Friday, May 17th] Beta Toolset Released!

The Beta version of Neverwinter Nights' Aurora Toolset has been released to the general public! Head to this thread to see where you can download it.